Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the end of a classic

Today ended the end of an era here on the homestead. Ozzie is no more- unless you count leftovers. While one of our favorite chickens he became two big for anything-besides dinner. So today I tip my hat to the end of Ozzie and Henriette.

He's lucky he made it this long really. He was one of thirty-six meat chickens that were only to live eight weeks. He made it to five months of age. We planned on breeding them to our other chickens for meatier dual purpose birds. Right up until it became obvious he would squash any female he tried to mate.

So we have Henriette left. Hopefully she can accomadate our hopeful breeding purposes. Not that she's even laid an egg as of yet. But neither have any of the other free loaders. We check the pig pen everyday in hopes of an egg. (I blame the piglets lax nesting insticts) no seriously chickens don't lay until six months of age-no matter what breed. And considering the owl only left late bloomers we might be waiting for roos to lay. (For all you city folk hens lay, roosters fry.)

But speaking of the different sexes I tried my hand at the ancient art of day old chick feather sexing. (This is where you look at the wing feathers coming in under the fluff and see how they're growing. Long uneven feathers-hen shorter even feathers-future dinner) And I believe we have seven hens , two roos, and one if. The if being if it lays and egg its a hen if it crows its a fritter.

Anyone want to weigh in on whether I'm right or not?
Now vegetarians LOOK AWAY.

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