Thursday, July 29, 2010

the truth about redheads

"This hair comes with a temper- I will cut you." This is a quote from Betty White on her new show. I saw the commercial and literally had tears rolling. Why? You guessed it she had dyed her hair red. Being the wife, mother, and daughter-in-law to red heads, I truly believe someone with a red head connection wrote this line. (If I'm not alive after this you know why)

Don't get me wrong I love each and every one of my redheads-ones standing over my shoulder as I type. But I cursed myself the first time I was pregnant and said please don't give me a redhead. God must have been very amused at my request. He didn't give me a redhead, he gave me THREE. What is that old saying something like: He answers all prayers-just not always the answer you expect. Somehow everytime I read Erma Bombeck's story of God choosing moms, I believe he looks down on me grins big at the chaos he sees-then announces give her another.

But then I muse its not my fault-its my mothers! She's the one who kept saying "I want a little girl that looks just like Tammy". She thought red hair and hazel eyes were just so pretty. Ha jokes on her! She got three handfuls and one docile angel. (The angel of course acts like me)

Tammy, my mother-in-law, however knew better. She kept saying pray for a brunette. I want a granddaughter with your beautiful eyes. No one mentioned that my brown eyes might come with dark auburn hair. Enter Bella! She has my personality with the redhead temper. (Pray for me)

Now I'm sure there are some of you out there without a redhead connection. So let me explain you see redheads are charming, too charming. They're normally the ones talking the other childern into "flying" off the garage. And you think aww...they're just so adorable. Right up until you are about to take that leap off and look down-and think NOPE! That's when you feel the push from behind. Followed by sweet laughter, like chloroform sweet.

This is a redhead in a nutshell. Which is why I married Honeybear he was so cute and handsome. But he also had that little bit of a dangerous boy darkside (what seventeen year old wouldn't like that mixture). Now think about having five redheads on that roof with you. I quit looking-I just started jumping.


  1. When mine were little, I had two tow-heads and a strawberry blond. One of the tow heads was my 9 wk preemie daughter. By FAR the worst tempered of them all. Now, who knows what color their hair actually is. Well, the boy's is light brown, but the girls....what have they colored it today? lol
    The hot-tempered eldest has mellowed out, though she can still flash on you, but then it's over. The boy who was 4 weeks early, is easy going until he gets a head of steam up, then watch out, but he's remorseful rather quickly. The youngest is probably still a red-head. She gets mad and STAYS mad.

    Kids, ain't they grand. Great post!


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