Friday, July 2, 2010

all in a hillbilly farmers day

Whew! What a day. So many things packed into so much time. Let's start at the beginning-the crack of dawn. The rooster crows, then gurgles. What the hades, right? More like where's Gypsy Rose. My nine pound pug took down our four to five year old rooster twice her size! And not just a little feather pulling take down- a crockpot take down! R.I.P. Rooster Cogburn.

Rooster is one of our many odd ball animals. Our first endeavor at the animal auction. We bought him as a good broody hen. Ha! (all those out there in city dwellings, broody hen means a hen that will hatch out her eggs. And just in case. eggs ,you know the kind you buy in the store and eat, do turn into chickens like the drumsticks you buy) only to get him under some light and see he was -----well a he. So much for broody! But he was our first and he had quite the personality.
Much to Honeybear's dismay his favorite roost was the workbench. Much to the kids' delight he would come sit on your lap and eat out of your hand. And much to everyones amusement he didn't run he hopped. As well as being obviously blind considering how often he tried to make chicks with the piglets. You will be missed-you were delish!

We started incubating 19 eggs this morning hoping to replenish our stock that nasty owl ate. (Now talk about uncomfortable I know I look like I could cover that many but boy are they bumpy.) Just kidding. You think being pregnant with kids is difficult-try incubation. Pregnancy is N O T H I N G compared to incubation. You got to: check the temp, turn them, mist them, turn them,talk to them, turn them,knit them little sweaters to keep them warm. Did I mention turn them. And still might not get any chicks out of this since its our first time. So everyone cross fingers and toes and hope 27 days from now we are on lockdown. No I'm not going to prison, it means the last 3 days you leave them alone.

Then Honeybear decided the pigs needed an inground pool. Why you ask? So they didn't wallow a hole themselves! What kind of logic is that!? But can you argue with somebody whose bedtime is when your waking up? So we spend the next 45 minutes digging, covering, and filling the PIGS pool. All of this was before nine o'clock this morning.

And finally came school time! First day of 2nd, 1st, and Kindergarten! Nothing crazy there studied place values in math. Boring except we used the wall mirrors for dry erase boards. Watched Night at the Museum and looked up the Panama Canal and traced it on the globe. Worked on a pictograph and for art made Easter Island Heads.

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