Thursday, July 15, 2010

getting old gracefully

Yesterday was my birthday-number twenty-six. For some odd reason for the last couple of years people want to tease me about getting old. I am not (as of yet) one to fall into hysterics at the thought of another year added. (Although this could be because I have to think about my actual age to answer the question-how old are you) I have heard of women breaking down into hysterics and mourning their youth at the thought of being a quarter of a century old. (A odd way of thinking at twenty-five or even thirty-five to me) If you're wondering how I could be so nonchalant about the aging process let me tell you how I spent my birthday. Cause let me tell you you're only as young as you feel!

It started off innocent enough-really I swear! We were going to bbq with some friends. We moved it up the day before to avoid the extreme heat. Which happened to be on the homeschooling moms meeting night. Kay my girlfriend decided she would come get me and leave her boys here with Honeybear to swim and play. No big deal right? Wrong! Because I forgot our other friend Nes was wanting to ride with us. In my defense we were late and as soon as my bottom hit the seat Kay put the pedal to the metal. (Or at least her version of it) So we make it all the way to Holden only to be a block and a half from the cafe-and Nes calls. She's very upset cause we didn't wait and she's not sure she knows her way around. (There are two roads from my house both lead to Holden). So we pull over and ask Nes where she's at-she doesn't know. We try to get details only to figure out she's on one of the two roads-suprising right.
So we wait-five minutes later the Hippy Mobile is behind us. And we drive the block and a half to the cafe. Twenty minutes late.

Now there's about six of us moms in this group, but last night there was only; Kay,Nes,Chris, and myself. So three fourths of us were twenty minutes late. Oops. We ordered some food and sat and chatted for our couple of hours. Soon it was time to depart for even more festivities. I ride with Nes-God forbid she get lost. But it was a great start to the night.

We all arrive safely at the house-will wonders never cease? We find Honeybear has been very busy preparing a scrumptious meal for me. Grilled shrimp (what a splurge but oh so heavenly)along with beef kabobs and a homemade seafood stirfry. Let me tell you -if there's one thing my man can do, its cook on the grill. Even the stirfry was made on the grill! It was a wonderful time with my friends and family. And a great way to spend my birthday-but it isn't over yet.

While the men sit outside, us women go in to escape the swarm of bugs trying to eat us all alive. We enjoy a few more hours of girl time. Eventually Kay decides she must leave. Its 12:30 and the boys' music lessons start at nine the next morning. Which is what Nes and I have patiently been waiting for all night.

As they drive away around the corner we swing into action. Honeybear the muscle of this operation lugs in the porcelain portal, as I get my painting supplies out. Its decided at first to put their names on the lid of the tank. But as I start to put paint to porcelain when someone has a lightbulb moment. Let's put vavcancy on it! I go about my artistic endeavor. As I finish the lid. Its decided I should paint a scene on the toilet. Notice here that the its that decided thid doesn't include me. For the next two hours or so I mix and paint -and am told no no it needs to be different. So I throw my paintbrushes at Honeybear and Nes and tell them its all theirs to fix and finish. (Hey its a little after four a.m. and its my birthday I get to be a little testy.

Both decide that my work is fine(smart move don't ya think) So they load it into the Hippy Mobile, and they drive the few miles to Kay and Floyd's house. Where the pretty painted porcelain throne is placed in the middle of their front yard for everyones viewing pleasure. At which time the two culprits take the time to snap a few pictures of their deed before a hasty retreat.

See how giving I am? Its my birthday and I'm giving someone else a present. Aren't you happy to be my friend?

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