Sunday, July 18, 2010

a pause...then a contest

There has been a very long pause do to an unfortunate accident that has struck our household. Gypsy Rose, my faithful and loving pug companion, was hit by a car. My hope is they didn't know-seeing as how they didn't stop. Luckily for her she just broke her pelvis in a couple of places, and her ball off her femur. I have been spending a lot of time at the vets, since he refuses to release her. (He's a little odd-hates people, overly protective of animals) That being said -I'm losing my patience with the man. He is getting a little long in the teeth and senile, this will be the last time I take Gypsy Rose to him. This morning he said she couldn't come home cause she wasn't eating well. So I did what anyone would do - I said give me some food and see if she eats. They bring me...catfood. Ummm...I know some dogs will eat cat food -not Gypsy Rose. She's a tad bit, how do I put this, spoiled. I have nothing to with that-Honeybear's fault entirely! (If you believe that I have some ocean front property to sell ya.)

Anywho, that has taken up considerable energy so please forgive my lax blogging. As always interesting things have happened around here. We're one day from lockdown with the incubation-and I have developed carpal tunnel from turning the little buggers. I candled them about five days ago-looks like maybe one dud. Seeing as how I am by no means a professional I didn't throw it out. I'm praying that none explode (pressure builds in a rotten one until they literally explode-can you say EWWWWWW) I will upload photos of any fuzzy bottoms that hatch. Keep all fingers and toes crossed for us.

The last piece of news is: I'm HOLDING A RAFFLE! You're already entered if your a follower. I will hold it on the first, and a picture of the prize is on my facebook fan page. Just follow the above facebook badge.

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