Sunday, July 11, 2010

characters in this story-part 1

Mama in her infinite wisdom suggested I do a post on the different personalities co-habiting in this house. Somehow knowing them makes my stories funnier. *Shrug* I find knowing them just makes me have a headache.

We will start with Honeybear, the head of the house. Honeybear was raised totally different than me, which somehow works for us. (Opposites attract, I guess) He's about three years my senior physically. Mentally- he's about five when he's sick. I think all men regress to this state when ill though. (Why is it moms can have pneumonia and still manage to function?) He's an avid fisher and hunter (one buck head in the freezer and one on the wall)- when not working his heinie off. When the buck head that hangs was mounted he insisted it be hung over my end of the sofa. Why- if it hung over him he couldn't see it as well.

Look up hillbilly in the dictionary you'll see a picture of him and his stepdad. Some hear hillbilly and think Jeff Foxworthy-NO! There's a big difference between hillbilly and redneck. The biggest being I.Q. according to Honeybear and Pops. They also agree that hillbillies have a sense of pride about their heritage (normally linked to an ancestor who fought in the civil war). And hillbillies also don't go to family reunions searching for a date. Hillbillies do simple living ,not because they have to, but cause they want to. They call themselves homebodies, I call them hermits. And according to Pops rednecks buy the moonshine while hillbillies produce it. Pops might not biologically have produced Honeybear, but they're as alike as two peas in a pod.

Some people who see Honeybear for the first time are taken aback by his gruff appearance. He's only about 5'9" but somehow seems larger. He's not fat by any means, but he is VERY solid. His head his normally shaved and tends to have a ballcap suntan line (even in our wedding photos). His eyes are piercing and he has the thickest, longest eyelashes that would make any woman jealous. He is blunt and yet people seem to gravitate to him anyways. No matter where he works or what he does he ends up being the boss. But ,being the hillbilly he is, chooses to have only a couple of very close friends. (Personally I thinks its just an excuse to be a hermit.)

This is my Honeybear I adore. Oh I almost forgot. He was given the nickname Honeybear by my Daddy. When he showed up on prom night in his tux. He sat holding my corsage with his hands in front (he looked rather uncomfortable honestly he didn't even wear a tux at our wedding)and that's when Daddy said he looked like a honeybear bottle. It stuck, I have called him that everyday since.


  1. Most blogs require pictures for entertainment, but you defintely don't need pictures. Just 'listening' to your day-to-day life is good enough.

    From one 'proud hillbilly' to another!

  2. Thanks Ms. Kathie. Honeybear tried not to laugh at this one but was unsuccessful. I do enjoy writing these.


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