Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a farmily

My girlfriend referred to us as a farmily. I liked it so much (it was on a blog) I thought I would define it. Seeing as how the world loves labels. And this has got to be one of the most fitting one I've seen or heard.

First sign your a farmily-you have more kids than seems normal. Although a farmily normal is different than the worlds by far. These childern also are not the normal type of childern. They have chores and they aren't -pick your clothes up. Their chores means they get up and see to the needs of animals. Animals that aren't for petting only. They would rather eat an ear of corn than a can of any other veggie. And they know where their food comes from. (Yes even eggs in a store come from a chicken bottom)

Second sign your a farmily-your meat doesn't come from a store usually. Yes there's a few months of the year when we buy store bought. (Can't exactly eat Bambi when they got babies right?) But the rest of the year we eat venison, chicken (home grown), fish, and small game. Oh and rabbits we breed every once in a while. Madison hates store bought beef, she says it taste weird.(no I don't tell her its store bought she just won't eat it after she tastes it*shrug*)

Third sign your a farmily- your garden is more than flowers. And a favorite salad bar for the rabbits that we try to thin out. (And Diesel tries to help thin) We can spagetti sauce and I make an amazing salsa. Our kids never hesitate to grab from the garden a ripe cherry tomatoe or two. (We didn't know for a week that we had ripe tomatoes.) They love to eat watermelon in the chicken pen and spit seeds to the chickens. (And sneak clumps to the piglets when we aren't looking.)

Fourth sign your a farmily-you have odd pets. Yes we have the creepy crawlies. And two many dogs. (Not a typo. I mean two *rolls eyes*) The odd balls are the chickens, geese, turkey, and pigs. The childern were absolutely devastated when the owl killed all of their feathered friends.

So reading this how do you compare to our farmily?

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  1. The part is that it is so true I would no I'm the father that runs this crazy zoo. But life would be boring with out the chaos of all the kids and animals . I love my family an yes all the critters .


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