Monday, September 20, 2010

for the love of gravy

Okay in case you misinterpreted the title this is not an entry about food-well not people food. That's my way of expressing displeasure. But then again who can really be disgruntled when gravy is involved. Anywho, this all started innoc earlier, we were making breakfast so I guess it would be much earlier.

As Bella stood on the counter stirring the brown sugar into the oatmeal, the other three burst through the back door. "Mom! MOM! MOM!" Okay yeah I'm not three feet away, so lets scream some more. (You could say I slightly over reacted. But just slightly, I swear!) However my rebuke did nothing to calm the dancing and the pained expressions in their faces, so yeah something is up.

Torn between laughing at their pleading faces, and acting like stern mommy to keep the screaming to a minimum in the explaining. I finally relent and get "WE ARE OUT OF FOOD!" I look at the stove-nope the oatmeal didn't disappear so this can mean only one thing. Chicken feed-again. The third bag in three weeks! Hello they weigh all of four ounces! So why is it yesterday morning when I fed their was a quarter of a barrel?

Something fishy is going on here. No we have no idea what is going on. There is a lid on the barrel, and there is always one of us with them to feed. So where is the feed going? Well then again we do fill up six feeders three times a day, maybe it isn't such a mystery.

Anyways point being these chicks can't wait for food all day. So enter SUPERMOM. We hurriedly eat our oatmeal, clean up, and jump in the van. Get to the feed store and go in. The kids are amazing! They hold onto the cart, use inside voices, and cause no accidents that enforce the break it you buy it clause. Yay! Rush home, start pulling feed out, go in the barn----there's feed.

Thanks kids!

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