Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm your huckleberry

Anyone worth their salt knows this line from Tombstone. And from this line came Honeybear's new truck's name. Huckleberry is most definetely here. This thing not only fell out of the ugly tree it then got mad an rammed it a few times for good measure. But you know the saying true beauty is on the inside and the engine can really rumble.

When he first told me about the truck I was...cautious. Then he took me to see it-and I was appalled. It didn't help that the supposed fine running truck wouldn't start. And the kids and I sat in the van for four hours. Honeybear was convinced he'd just get there and drive it on home. Ha.

But there was no doubt nothing I said would convince him to reconsider. You know there's another line from Tombstone. Darn it, you're the most fallible, stubborn, self-deluded, bullheaded man I've ever known in my entire life. Doc said this to Wyatt but it is the finest description of my Honeybear anywhere. So I sat patiently waiting for us to leave, hoping the dang thing wouldn't start to give me a chance.

Of course right then the engine roared to life, making us sitting in the van jump. Boy howdy was it loud. And then without a word Honeybear took to the roads. I was sitting there just shaking my head, no deterring him now.

When he came back from his test drive he looked like a kid in a candy shop. His face was a glow and he was grinning from ear to ear. I was amused right up until he told me about his test drive. Apparently as he took a corner (too fast I'm sure) he was shocked by the hood flying up and banging the window. Luckily he could see under and around the battered hood to pull over. When the then owner jumped out slammed the hood and jumped back in. Only to tell him that they were between two of the local cops houses. Nice we haven't even bought it yet and already we're going to have a ticket.

Well shortly thereafter we left without the truck thank goodness. But when I tried to talk to Honeybear about the truck he just insisted it was worth it. And I just sighed say la vee. But at least he took a couple of days and really thought about it.

I thought about it too. And still wasn't all that happy about it-till he brought it home. Then I was repulsed. One headlight, and the the other was barely hanging in there. The roof is bungy corded and the bumper was sitting in the truck bed. Yeah I said it was ugly. I was wrong its a monstrosity! But then he convinced me to take a ride.

Oh yeah that engine is amazing! That little ole s10 has more power than his big truck. And oh it doesn't just purr it roars. I have faith in Honeybear he is amazing with body work so I know it isn't going to be long before the outside matches the inside. So now he can say "I told you so."

The moral of this is an old one: Its not the outside that counts its what is on the inside that matters.

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