Monday, September 27, 2010

the high road

Well it's Monday, yay! (Can you read my enthusiasm?) No, wonder why? Oh yeah I was up till three this morning and am running on all of like three hours of sleep. Why Sheena, you ask. My family. No, they weren't up. No, they aren't sick. They are scattered.

And if they hide my teacher's log book again they will be punished scatterbrains. As of right now I am to tired to do more than give them a half-hearted frown, and raised eyebrow at their innocent professings.

For the last week I have listened to Honeybear tell me to quit being so scattered. (That's how long it's been missing.) And at first I believed he was right. (Hey I am scattered. I know it, you know it, it's just a fact of life.) But as the day turned to a week of being without my right hand. I knew I did not do anything that scattered.

Here I will explain for all you layman's who don't homeschool. My teacher's log book has just about everything important to my life in it. (Sans the chocolate and computer.) It has the the lesson plans, the log of what we actually accomplish, and all my important reminders in it. You know everything needed to function day to day. Kind of like a to do list. It is carried with me at all times so I can note any spontaneous lessons. (Don't look at me like that, like I will remember when I sit down five hours later.)

Now as I was saying after a week I knew I didn't just lay it down somewhere and forget it. So the searching became somewhat frantic. (We have about five hundred logged hours in there, that's half the school year equivalent.) Yes there was time to still make the hours for the year that's not the point. I spend hours planning my lessons, down to the page number and it's all written in that book.

I started searching the kids' rooms. (I don't consider an invasion of privacy looking for my belongings.) And after finding several dirty socks, half eaten sandwiches, a whole bag of guinea pig food we accused the store of keeping, and the hamster we thought the dog ate last year. NO BOOK!

My husband still shook his head and reiterated my thoughtlessness as the cause. Did I mention that at this point these comments were met with scathing looks and not so nice thoughts. It took restraint but I refrained from reminding him of all the things he has lost or forgot. Namely me once. And magically restrained myself from throwing the frying pan in my hand too.

Finally yesterday I found my book. ON HIS NIGHTSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Under a hunting magazine. I clearly remembered him reviewing the kids objectives after quizzing and realized it was HIS thoughtlessness that lost my book. I did a happy dance and held it over my head. Which then caused Bella, who was helping me to make my bed, to start shaking her booty.

When I held my book victoriously in front and told him where I found it. He shrugged and said why would you leave it there, instead of putting it up. My face fell. But it gave me a chance to take the high road. So I did what any self respecting person would do I turned-and did my happy dance. Then made up a you were so wrong song to go with it.

Did I mention the kids all joined in? No well they did. Somehow Honeybear was not as amused as the rest of us. He just shook his head and tried to hide his grin. Hey at least I know I was right. Even if he's going to hide it.

This was short lived. For when I went to transfer my logging from notebook paper to the log book it was gone. AGAIN!!!!!! Of course this caused Honeybear to laugh and raise an eyebrow at me. I wanted to lay on the floor and beat my fists screaming, "This is not my fault!" Somehow I once again found restraint. It was close but I just managed.

After much searching it was found under the heathen's bathroom sink. At this point the "children" are in bed. It's late and I have yet to catch up on my paper work. So now you know why I was up till three.

All I have to say is- Next person who touches my log book, pulls back a nub! You have been warned.


  1. If my husband pulled this stunt, I would have turned into Scout and hubby would end up just like that chicken!

  2. rofl. Omgosh that is the best comment ever!!

  3. I wish I could think that fast when my husband pulls a trick like that. I just fume silently.


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