Sunday, September 12, 2010

I know nothing

Channeling my inner Hogan's Heros again. Last night I was caught between pride and embarrassment. Not an unusual place to be for mamas-right? But hopefully the other dozen parents or so around didn't mind my son teaching their children a useful phrase in another language.

It all started out innocent enough. (Does anyone notice that right after I say this normally something not so innocent happens?) We were heading to our very first Boy Scout camp out. I might side track a little but it is amusing that without a dad in the car (both dads had to work) Ro and I got completely lost trying to get there. I believe it was three or maybe four wrong turns at the state park and asking directions from three different people before we came to the right camp site. All well and good we arrived late but at least we arrived.

Shortly after arriving a game to get to know each other began, Human Bingo. You had to find random people if they could sign a question. Ya know "find someone with a pet" "find someone who plays an instrument" and then there was Martin's golden question "find someone who speaks another language" not a whole lot of others can do that so Martin became in high demand quickly.

At the end of this the Pack Leader started going around and asking who did you find for this question and that. Well Martin of course was picked for the second language and was asked to stand up and say something in another language. It was to dark for sign language so he chose German. And proudly announced "Toyletta. Vo ist dee toyletta." and sat down. Of course they asked what he said and he told them. "where is the bathroom". Did I mention we were at a camp out with no bathrooms just trees and about 20 boys?

Can anyone guess what became the word of the day-or night in this case? We went on the night hike and amongst the gibber jabber of twenty some odd boys whooping and hollering you could hear the discussion of toylettas and where to go out in the woods. Which led to extensive testing of fart noises... in the the woods. The dads took it good naturedly I mean it is BOY scouts. But the other moms weren't nearly as amused. Guess I won't be making any friends there. *sigh* oh well I guess there's always Ro.

Now after this we had to leave so I could get the other three heathens from Pops' house. So we grabbed Martin and Caden and got directions from a dad for the nearest gas station. This was not a smart thing to do its dark and we already are a little turned around from being lost. So somehow we ended up in the next down over, someone forgot to mention there was two different highways that divided the park. Luckily we knew where we were when we saw where we were (there's a tongue twister) and made it home safely. But next time a camp out is planned Honeybear either gets off work or we aren't going camping anywhere but the back yard!

I am trying something new (obviously) telling me what you think.And remember it gets better when its over if it ain't better it ain't over.


  1. Oh no, the other moms didn't think fart noises were absolutely delightful?

  2. Shocking right? I mean they do have boys, what were they expecting burping? lol Thanks for the comment.

  3. Boys. Great. This is what I have to look forward to?!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks for showing me something new! lol

    And boys are...interesting but your in for more drama from the girls. Read my entry


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