Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life of a fourth grader

So I was talking to my girlfriend about relationships. And I mentioned earlier this month was our nine year anniversary (of being together). Her reply was priceless! "Wow! Your relationship is a fourth grader." I laughed until I cried.

So in honor of her answer I thought I would compare our relationship to a fourth grader to find similarities. Ummm let's see. Well, in fourth grade you had homework. I have more homework than in any other part of my life and my study buddy (ya know the one who sits reading comics while you do all the work) is Honeybear. He gets just as much credit as I do, and I do all the work. So yeah, definitely some similarities there.

Then there's the fact that boys where mean to the girls they like in fourth grade. And girls made the boys they liked cupcakes in return. Not much changed there either. He comes in and makes some silly joke then tackles me. Here I have to admit fourth grade I didn't enjoy this, but now :). After a little giggling and beard burn, I present him with dinner. So okay at least two similarities.

In fourth grade everyone believed you could catch cooties from the opposite sex. We have proven this to be true, one, two, three,four times. Yet another similarity of our relationship to a fourth grader.

Hmmm, the mommy makes lunch for you in fourth grade. (Unless of course the cool kids are buying, right?) Well, I am the mommy, and I make everyone lunches-including Honeybear's. I even write him the little note, and make sure he has the right kind of pudding. (Is this proof guys never grow up or proof our relationship is a fourth grader?)

You know I am starting to have flash backs here. I didn't like fourth grade. Maybe this is my way of reliving my childhood. Nah, what fun would it be if I was nine. Actually it'd be kind of weird, I tease Honeybear about being a cradle robber anyways. That would put him in a whole nother category.

Now here's a thought, right now our marriage has been like an elementary schooler, we've grown from the cutesy stage, to the cootie stage,to the bad decision stage, to the growing up stage. Maybe it's not so bad, nine years from now we'll be graduates. Right in time for the cuckoos to start flying the nest. Then it's college time!!!!!!!!


  1. i can't say i've ever thought about relationships by years of school before!

  2. lol. It wasn't me it was my girlfriend, Ro. And I think she only thought about it like that cause she has a fourth grader.

    I just took it and elaborated.

  3. That is a direct quote from "How I Met Your Mother". Season 1, episode 14.
    Lily says she and Marshall were having their nine year anniversary and Robin says "Wow, nine years? You're relationship's a fourth grader!"
    Just an FYI.


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