Sunday, September 19, 2010

my letter to santa

Dear Santa,
How is the missus? And dear old Rudy? Hope all is well with you, as it is with me. I have been a real good girl this year. Just don't listen to the rumors. So I have a few requests, just some small nothings you might say. Nothing a great man like you can't handle I'm sure.

Could you get me a couple of Shel Silverstien books his poems are amazing. I'm sure they can keep the kids entertained for hours allowing me to get done what really needs done. Housework I swear!

And please bring me some sleeping dust, just a pinch that will make the children sleep past seven at least. I promise to use it responsibly. Just please make sure that it is permissable to use everyday. Or twice a day if the need arises for a nap.

A maid would be amazing, but I would settle for just a made. Maybe a couple extra house cleaning fairies. Unfortanetly I found my previous one buried at the bottom of a laundry avalanche. It explained a lot and I took back all the nasty things I said upon her disappearance. Her memorial was short and sweet however, as Bella loves to flush the toyletta.

Another set of hands also would be nice then the dishes and dinner could be done at the same time. Of course they would need to be invisible wouldn't want to make other moms jealous.

If the above requests are to much I would settle for one of the following:
my old figure back, well behaved children, and a magic wand or at least a fairy mother.

I know that the handsome and understanding and hardworking man such as yourself understands the dire need for these things. I'm also sure Mrs. Clause has desired these things with all your darling little elves running around. So any question as to the sincere need of these few simple requests I'm sure she can attest to.



  1. I would pay an extra set of arms for a house cleaning fairy.

  2. if i could get my "mommy pouch" gone, that's what i would choose!

  3. I am hoping and praying he at least brings me one thing on my list! If I had to choose just one...sleeping dust. For one well behaved children would take all the fun out of life. lol.

    KLZ-thanks so much for visiting and following me!

    Liz-I agree and have forced a promise out of Honeybear that when we're rich I get a tummy tuck! So I should get the 5th of never. lol


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