Wednesday, September 8, 2010

she who laughs last, thinks the slowest

I have heard this said to me more times than I can count. I'm here to tell you it has nothing to do with my ability to think. It's my ability to follow where others minds go. Personally I think this saying fits me much better: I laugh the first time when the joke is told, the second time five minutes later when it is explained, the third time hours later when I finally understand it.

This is exactly how I have spent today. And while I warn you the joke is a tad bit juvenile finally getting it made me laugh like a loon. Early this morning my friend sent me a single line message. (Personally I think they knew me well enough they thought I would embarrass myself before I got it.) The line simply said "look down and spell A T T I C". Now I'm sure most have already understood this as they read it, not me.

I started to ask Honeybear what I was missing, but somehow sensed I was overthinking this easy task. So several hours later I still had not figured it out and finally decide to try my luck. We were traveling to my in-laws, I assumed I could just tell Honeybear the line and he'd somehow give me a clue as to what was so amusing-I was wrong.

Maybe it's the fact we've been together for so long, or the fact he knows me so well, or just something in my face. He knew I had no clue why he was laughing, and taunted me for a few moments before having mercy. He says "Honey, look down tee tees." I looked down and started laughing, it was so obvious. But come on how juvenile to just have someone look down just to say tee tees. We arrived shortly thereafter, it's not that long of a trip, and I put it out of my mind.

About an hour or so later my mind wondered from the tedious man conversation, and back to the joke. All the sudden I found myself repeating the letters to myself again. Suddenly I got it A T T I C, I busted up laughing which led to snorting as I tried to stop. Pops and Honeybear looked at me, obviously whatever they were discussing didn't strike them as amusing.

Pops got up to change the music and Honeybear looked at me and goes "What is wrong with you?" I said just one word in response "Attic." And started giggling all over again. He just shook his head and mumbled something along the lines of I knew she didn't get it.

Now I ask you am I stupid just because I kept my mind on the letters. I thought it was more of a mental challenge. So often things said in day to day conversations go right over my head, just cause my mind is more literal. Now I'll let you be the judge, next time some one doesn't get the joke, don't just dismiss their intelligence. Ask yourself "whose the dummy now?"


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog! And I LOVE yours!
    It took me 3 minutes to figure ATTIC out too and it wasn't until you explained what made it click for you that I figured it out too.

    You're right, having kids DOES make you fat and kill brain

    Been there with the zoo. And the animals - despite the fact that where we lived we were NOT allowed to have animals. (yeah, but they'd just show up on our doorstep hungry and looking pitiful. I've always believed that God sent them because he knew we'd have mercy on them and feed them and try to find them a home.

    Love and kiss those kiddies. Time goes by SO FAST. I've been in tears the last couple of weeks. Every time I went into the house I just moved from, I could look down the hall, in their rooms and see those precious little faces and hear their dear little voices. From infancy to near/adulthood I can visualize them. As hard as it was to homeschool while being a single mother, I'm so grateful for the time I did have with them. Even then, it wasn't long enough (not that I'd want to "retard" their growth as people). And I grieve for the loss of those sweet spirits to the evils of an oppositional/defiant father and this wicked world we live in.

    Yeah, I guess I do have passion, it's born of dealing with heartache for the last 21 years. Even though right now, I'm grieving the loss of kids, I do try to look for the positive, contain the negative and remember who, when it's all said and done, is REALLY in charge. This too shall pass. It always does.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog I really appreciate it. I'm glad you like it. The zoo is at the moment at a stand still unless you count sixty meat chickens on the way


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