Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have started to write this blog entry three separate times now. And each time deemed it not funny enough to be on the blog. Well I give up cause this is what I am dealing with right now. Puppy p.m.s.! Now here's a question how exactly am I suppose to handle four teenagers under one roof I can't handle my dog going through it.

I swear she is everything they say teenagers will be: sullen, pouty, ignoring me, sneaking out, and attitude. Not to mention breaking all the rules that she knows better than to do. And this is a thirteen pound pug! What's going to happen when it's a hundred pound teenager. I plan on having white hair by then.

In case you can't do the math I will have a thirteen yr old, fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen yr old all under one roof in about ten years. By the time we are done dealing with puberty and all that comes with it I will be in the nut house. My only comfort is knowing Honeybear will be in the padded room next door.

Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong maybe I should use Gypsy Rose as a tool as to which to practice with. Lets see she's snuck out to go romp with boys (Diesel mostly) so I grounded her to her crate. But all I got was whining and talked back to. So yes definetly like what I'll have to deal with. But can I really lock the kids in a crate and spray them with water every time they back talk? hmmmmm

Then there was her chewing on my purse and getting my wallet out. I smacked her barely there nose and grounded her to her crate once again. And all I got was whining and back talk. hmmmm Does anyone else see a pattern emerging?

You know I really don't see how practicing is going to help. They're going to back talk and whine no matter how much I practice. But at least for Gypsy Rose puberty lasts a couple of months at the most. The kids will reach it and stay there forever.

Maybe I will just duct tape them to their beds till they're thirty after all.


  1. Not funny? I laughed so much when reading it. You see, it's not that the situation is funny, the way you describe it makes it funny.
    And all those sacrifices that you are making right now for your children can be used as blackmail in the future. There's always the infallible "because I say so" that my mom used (and still does from time to time).

  2. hahaha. I have blackmail aplenty. I figure having the things they did as children documented might keep them in line a little. Not to mention all the bathtub pictures I have. hehehe.

    Thank you for the endorsement of my style of writing. I guess this will go in the told you so column for Mama and Ms. Kathie both. lol

  3. Yep, dog "children" are stinkers. I have a "grandson" that is 15 lbs of supposed to be Chihuahua, but we think is really a Feist. Whatever he is, he's a stinker. And yeah, you haven't been "cussed" at until you've had a dog tell you off. lol

    As for the kids. Don't bother duct taping them to their beds, go STRAIGHT TO THE MOUTH! THAT'S the part that you want SHUT. hehe

    I had a 12 1/2, 14 and 17 all under the same roof, the book ends were girls too. Lots of door slamming going on. In fact, it's a wonder that the door to the oldest's room isn't completely out of the frame from being slammed. It's funny, she's finally, at 21, calming down. Now, she's married and just found out she's pregnant. So...hormones. Only, it's hubby's problem However truth be told, she really IS trying to contain the emotions.


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