Saturday, September 25, 2010

school of Scooby

On the weekends we are suppose to take a break from school. Notice the word suppose in that sentence. However my children refuse to accept this as fact. Everyday is school to them. Which okay they might have gotten that from somewhere, but still can't we just take the chance to watch mindless t.v. on the weekend!?! Of course not. Here follows the lessons in Scooby-Doo according to the kids at least.

First life lessons dogs identify each other through scent-usually in their bums. Here Degan piped up with, "But we don't do that as peoples." Thank goodness for that thread of grasping. But they still insist that if you get a large enough dog they can and will eat the same plate of food as them-at the dinner table. Okay so one science fact and one point in the craziness.

Then of course there was the health lesson. Shaggy obviously has no grasp of the food pyramid, this one came from Martin. To which Madison nodding in agreement added, yeah he's gonna get a tummy ache. And Degan then said he should eat more veggies, they help you...errr um digest. That of course wasn't what was said but I'm sure you can figure it out. He is four almost five. So we have some science, we have some health, and we have some good ol' social skills developing here.

But do you think we're done? No the movies only been on for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES, and I have already had two discussions that somehow involved bums and poop. Let those credits roll please! As we moved on with the movie there was a lot of things the kids pointed out that I thought was just silly. But they did learn a nonexistent perodic element (randomonium), learned how to take a fingerprint, and that doorbells are sometimes rigged. That mad scientist can't fly, and explained why his jail house wings were designed with flaws. And that usually the bad guy is named old man ___________.

So this is how we end up with our questions that we decide to research most the time. Or emphasis a point we have been working on. Now aren't your kids jealous their school doesn't include Scooby Doo.


  1. if we as adults look back at what was shown on cartoons back in the day, we'd be shocked by what we'd see!!

  2. I was informed a few hours ago why Shaggy is always hungry. Nice to know so many generations were looking up to dopey.

    Yes I am that naive.

  3. You are making a wonderful learning environment! I wish you were my mom.hehehe.

  4. Well I do think that might be a little odd, but I'm sure we can fit you around the dinner table.


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