Saturday, September 11, 2010

do i need to send you to the principal

This is our little running joke during school hours. The principal in question normally raises and eyebrow and it quickly deters anymore rowdy interruptions. (Notice the usually.) However it failed miserably yesterday as the principal and pupil were in cahoots to drive the teacher (me) to insanity.

I was ever so patiently trying to explain how the Spanish sent Cortez to explore the new world after the Vikings. But all they kept going back to was the paddle boats of the Vikings. And how did they manage to get all the way over here with their horn hats slipping down. Then somehow football got brought into the conversation, and Martin is now insisting they are going to win the SUPERBOWL. Which of course the principal felt needed to be addressed. I know it is so important to education to understand a football teams offensive line up. *rolls eyes*

Well I finally get the oh so educational football talks to finish and try to focus the little ones minds back on history. Enter Maytags. I don't know how but somehow the Aztecs and the Mayans were combined to make the Maytags. Does Honeybear help? Heck no he laughs and every time I try and correct them and they get it wrong he laughs. Then at one point I say the Mayans and he replies don't you mean the Maytags? Thanks Principal Honeybear you're a lot of help.

So we start talking about how the Aztec were defeated by the Spanish and I am asking questions to make sure they're understanding. Ummmm no. I ask why the Spanish defeated the Aztec and I get cause they brought over tanks. Then they ask why the Maytags disappeared. And they answer their own question oh yeah they needed a vacation.

Should I worry? They are going to go in public and talk about how the Maytags took a vacation cause the tanks were blocking their ocean front view. Somehow I don't think anyone else would consider this a classic education.

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