Thursday, September 23, 2010

haphazard ramblings

By request of my mother I deleted my last posting. Afraid it was to much information. And afraid of reactions, so to Mama sorry. And if it offended anyone sorry. It was what was on my mind.

Now onward with my ramblings. Good news first-I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!-not. But it seems to be in the water so gives me a reason to drink more pop.

Another interesting thing-Martin has homework from boy scouts?! He has to have a famous American and a tall tale by Monday. His choices; Walt Disney and Roanoke colony. He wanted to talk about Roanoke for the famous American, but the troop leader (an elementary principal) didn't know who Roanoke colony was. So when we told him he said it was more tall tale material. Then suggested a president for the FA. Martin decided he wanted an artist, then changed his mind to some one with dyslexia. We found both in Walt Disney. I didn't even know he was dyslexic or from Missouri.

So Martin is excited and we decided Monday we all would give an oral report on a famous American. Good practice for Martin, and I can't wait to see who Madison and Degan pick.

Scout the pig is now about a hundred and some pounds so by this time next month we should have fresh bacon. YAY! Maybe then the chickens will be safe.

The fall garden is a bust. We just have not had the time or energy to get it planted. We did however dig up our sweet potatos this week. Pitiful harvest. A couple of nice ones then a couple no bigger around than pencils. Honeybear was not amused when I asked if he accidentally planted carrots.

We have moved to a body system that is harder to embarrass me in public. Except Honeybear keeps mentioning Ro breaking her coxxus. Like he has room to talk, he separated his shoulder sledding. Last year!

Well it's naptime, so it's cleaning time.


  1. I would say that sweet potatoes that ended up looking like carrots would be a blow to the ego.

  2. Just a tiny bit. Which I might have teased, just a little. Which caused a dog pile wrestling match till I said Uncle. lol


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